3T EYE Computer

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3T Eye er en robust, styr monteret digitalt display som supportere navigation og træning.

It monitors the outputs both of training aids communicating via ANT+, and smartphones communicating via Bluetooth.

Paired with a suitable input device, it's capable of displaying key data such as speed, cadence, heart-rate, altitude, and power, in real time.

3T Eye kan bruges i 3 forskellige modes

Cykelcomputer: 3T Eye opsamler data fra alle ANT+ sensorer og viser data på displayet, så som Puls, Power, Hastighed, Kadance

Smart Bridge Mode: 3T Eye opsamler data fra alle ANT+ enheder og sender denne data videre til en tilsluttet smartphone, hvor data’en lagres i en given app, det kunne være 3T’s egen Cycling app, eller Strava eksempelvis.

Smartphone mode: I denne tilstand er 3T Eye “kun” et display, der viser data fra en given app på den tilsluttede smartphone, det kunne være 3T Cycling App’en. Her kommer hastigheden fra GPS'en i Smartphonen


3T Eye's miniature, line-of-sight display means there's no need to take the phone out of your jersey pocket to check your numbers. Key training data is always visible, while your costly and fragile smartphone is kept securely out of harm's way. 3T Eye fits a Barfly 2.0 mount, and there’s a neat 3T stem faceplate adaptor for maximum convenience and security (for ARX II only).

* The 3T Cycling app is compatible with iPhone 4 and later and is available now in the Apple App Store. Android version is available in Google Play Store.


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Device size:      38 x 60 mm
Display size:     25 x 32 mm
Display type:     Digits/Icon
Weight:             25 g (inc battery)
Battery type:     CR2032