Profile Design Aeria tristyr

Profile Design Aeria full Carbon Aerobar

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Profile Design's Aeria T4 Carbon Aerobar brings the perfect balance between aerodynamic, power transmission and comfort. The aerobar allows a deep and individual adjustable seating position. The hi-tech carbon construction leads to an efficient shock absorption. 

The stackable risers, armrest width, length and rotational adjustment creates a range of adjustability that allows the freedom to fit any athlete with simplicity. With only 8 hidden marine grade bolts controlling 6 points of adjustment, this elegant design can easily be fine-tuned to the millimeter to fit any type of rider. It helps keeping an aggressive position with a more relaxed wrist angle. The UCI 3:1 compliant, aerodynamic full carbon fiber wing has zero drop from clamp to brake extensions. Multiple drillings for internal cable routing and Di2 compatibility.