3T Vola Pro - WR bend

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Basebar Material: Al- alloy
Extension: Wrist relief bend
Extension Material: alloy
Cradle Material: Plastic
Cradle Type: New comfort
Clamp Diameter (mm): 31.8 mm ∅
Width: 42 cm
Pads: Neoprene
Routing: Internal
Finish: Shot Peened/Black Anodized
Weight in max stack(g): 830
Weight in min stack (g): 927


Vola Pro is the award-winning new entry model in 3T’s race-proven range of aerobars. The basebar is in hydroformed aluminum, while the new Comfort cradles are in composite material. Alloy extensions are a new shape with a deep drop to clear the wrists, and can quickly and easily be released and re-clamped. Adjustability of the extensions is a key theme, with stack adjustable in the range 5787 mm, separation between clips-ons/pads 226292 mm, and reach to pads 2070 mm. Complete Vola Pro package has riser kit with 10-, 20- and 30-mm spacers. Basebar-only option also available.
Vola Pro was awarded ‘Best New Aerobar’ by Triathlete magazine in its ‘Best of Eurobike 2013‘ selection.